Great Wine Launched in a small world report submitted by Annemette Tho – Thompson Estate

Great Wine Launched in a small world report submitted by Annemette Thomsen

“A couple of weeks ago my Danish friend Karin called and asked – with a smile on her face - if I had purchased a winery in Margaret River (note my surname). I told her “no – not yet” and she explained that her mum had been to an amazing launch of Thompson Estate’s wines in Denmark arranged by the importer Vesterstroem Vine. She loved the story and the wines and purchased several cases from both The Estate range and The Specialist range. I told my friend that I had actually played a role in bringing the beautiful wines of Thompson Estate to Denmark in the sense that I had introduced Henrik Vesterstroem – owner of Vesterstroem vine – to Jane & Peter Thompson during Henrik’s last trip to WA in February 2019.

Like so many of us, Henrik instantly fell in love with both the wines as well as The Thompsons’ and he decided to become the first importer of Thompson Estate’s wines into Denmark. As such, it was with great pride that Vesterstroem Vine on Thursday 29th August 2019 launched Thompson Estate wines at a remarkable event were tapas and wine were served at La Banca restaurant in Hellerup north of Copenhagen. 64 guests and wine lovers welcomed Thompson Estate wines where one of them coincidentally happened to be my friend’s mum. Based on the initial interest, the market potential looks very promising – and who knows if one day Australian born Crown Princess Mary of Denmark will get the opportunity to taste the amazing wines of Thompson Estate.”

 Annemette Thomsen


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